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Crickhowell and district
in Victorian times
  Crickhowell Bridge and the River Usk  

This is an early engraving of the bridge over the River Usk at Crickhowell, which may have been made around 1830 - a few years before Victoria became Queen in 1837.
This is seen from the downriver side of the bridge, and another engraving in this section shows the other face of the bridge.

around 1830
Crickhowell Bridge
Early engravings like this one were not always an accurate record of the scene. They were sold to wealthy travellers as a souvenir of places they visited, so the views were often deliberately made more attractive. Wild and romantic scenes were popular, and sometimes buildings would be hidden behind trees and bushes to improve the scene !

At this early date the ancient church of St Edmund is clearly visible from the opposite bank of the river (but see the green box on the right - the artist may have 'improved' the view !).
The hills of the south-eastern edge of the Brecon Beacons can be seen in the background.

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