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Crickhowell and district
in Victorian times
  On parade in Beaufort Street  

This photograph was taken in Beaufort Street, Crickhowell around 1900, and this was probaby a church parade to mark a special occasion.
The white building on the left at the back of the procession was then the Bush Inn, and the Beaufort Arms is on the same side of the street just beyond the little girl on the pavement.

Parade in
around 1900
Beaufort St, Crickhowell

The nearest building on the left, with the stone facing, was the Beaufort Chambers. These were used as solicitor's offices and later became council offices.
The wall on the right is a boundary of the Clarence Hall, which is just out of the picture. This was opened in 1892, and was named after the Duke of Clarence, who laid the foundation stone in 1890.

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