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  Pigot's Directory 1835: tailors and wheelwrights  
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In Victorian times most clothes were made by local tailors. Because a great many of the local people were poor, these clothes would be mended many times and passed on to other people. Children were often to be seen in clothes which were much too big which had been handed down to them. There was a great trade in second hand clothes in most towns.
Tallow was melted down animal fat which could be used to make soap and candles. Tallow candles were very smelly but cheaper than beeswax candles.
The tanner turned animal skins into leather. Leather was important as it was used in a wide range of things in the days before plastics. Horse harnesses and saddles are all made of leather. Making both the tallow and the leather was a smelly business!

This last extract from the lists of tradesmen shows another very important group of Victorian skilled men. The wheelwrights made the wooden wheels for the thousands of horse-drawn carts, carriages and omnibuses which kept Britain going.
This was a job which required great skill and the workshops in Brecon were probably very busy making and repairing wheels.


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