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Brecon and district
in Victorian times
  Ship Street, Brecon  

This is a fine old photograph of the top end of Ship Street in Brecon, probably taken around 1900 at the end of the Victorian years.
The buildings on the left in this picture were all demolished to widen the road and clear a site for the new Brecon Library, which opened in 1969.

Ship Street
Ship Street, Brecon
The lady standing in the doorway on the left is at Poulstons, then a hairdressing salon.
The shop next door is advertising Singer's Sewing Machines.
The premises on the right include Phillips the

The view is looking up towards the High Street from the approach into the centre of Brecon after crossing the bridge over the River Usk.
The business seen straight ahead in High Street at the centre of the picture at this date was the shop of Fryer Brothers, who were house furnishers.

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