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Earning a living
  Pigot's Directory 1835: professional people  
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On this page you can see those entries for professional people.
The professional men at the beginning of Victoria's reign had to work to earn a living, but they were men who were educated. Here we can see the lawyers or attorneys who were trained in the law and the auctioneers and valuers who organised all the sales of livestock and property.

Here we can see the banks in Brecon where the tradesmen and property owners kept their money safe. This was important to local businesses.
In Victorian times though a great many ordinary working people would have never gone into a bank in their lives.

Notice that all these people are men! Just about all professions were closed to women in the Victorian period.
  Early Victorian Brecon was lucky in that it had two physicians rather than surgeons. At this time the surgeon had only had limited training whereas the physician had attended medical school. Few working people in the area could afford to visit either as they would have to pay for treatment.  
  The Victorian period was a time of great construction works. New roads, railways and buildings sprang up across the nation. The surveyor was the man who measured and planned all this new construction out so that the builders would know where to build.  

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