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Brecon and district
in Victorian times
  The Medical Hall, High Street  

This old photograph shows buildings in High Street Inferior, Brecon, around 1890.
The Medical Hall - a chemist's shop - was run by Mr Charles at the time of this picture. The large wrought-iron structure in the middle of the High Street provided three gas lanterns and a drinking fountain. It was removed in 1934 because it got in the way of the increased traffic.

Medical Hall
Medical Hall 1890

The building to the left of the Medical Hall was where the famous actress Sarah Siddons was born in 1755. Once known as the Shoulder of Mutton Inn, it later became the Siddons Wine and Spirit Vaults, and is now the Sarah Siddons Inn.
Sarah Siddons was the leading actress in the country when she was performing in dramatic roles at the Drury Lane Theatre in London. Her portrait was painted by the greatest artists of the time, including the picture by Thomas Gainsborough shown here. She died in 1831, just six years before Victoria became Queen.

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Sarah Siddons by Gainsborough
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