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Victorian school days
  The boys have gone to the dogs...  

Apart from helping with regular farm jobs like the harvest, many children Running harealso missed school on market days, Fair days, and during other local events.
One of these attractions was a "coursing" match, when greyhounds or lurchers were set off to chase hares across a field. This was recorded in the Senni School Log Book in 1880, when it was "a new thing" in the district...

I'm getting out of here !
Can't stand those Senni boys.
13th October
School diary entry "Great many of the children were absent today - indeed nearly all the boys were absent - at the "coursing match", which is quite a "new thing" in the neighbourhood".
  In country districts there were regular livestock fairs, and events like the ploughing match near Llanddeti School in 1896...  
12th February
School diary entry "Owing to a Ploughing Match being held in the neighbourhood only two children came to school this afternoon".
  The annual May Fair took most school children away as well. This is from the diary of Nantddu School in 1900...  
1st May
School diary entry "Owing to Brecon May Fair only four children came to school, consequently the Registers were not marked".

And Brecon Dr Coke Infants School couldn't compete with the circus coming to town in April 1884 - "Half-holiday Wednesday afternoon. A large circus visited Brecon, there was a grand procession of elephants and camels, and we would have had no scholars. Told the children to notice the elephants, as they had had lessons on them".
The children probably would have found it hard not to notice the elephants in the middle of Brecon !

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