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  Pigot's Directory 1835: braziers and millers  
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Braziers and tinmen were much more common in Victorian times. They were craftsmen who made objects out of brass and tin.
In the days before plastics many containers were made from these.

When larger quantities needed to be stored, barrels were used. Making them was the work of the skilled craftsman called the cooper. The barrels were made of wood and could be taken apart and stored when not needed.
were involved in preparing skins and producing leather hides from them. The local saddlers and boot makers would need this basic raw material to make their products.

  The corn mills of the area were also important in Victorian times. They used the power of moving water to grind corn into flour. Farmers had their corn ground in this way.
Poorer farmers and smallholders who could not afford to pay the miller with money would let the miller keep a portion of their grain in return for grinding it into flour.

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