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The Elan Valley dams
"Too sad to think about"

Recalling the lost community
The little shop, seen at the roadside in the old postcard view of Nantgwyllt shown below, is mentioned in Hetty Price's account of the lost community:
"Further down the road was Seth Thomas’s Shop where they sold most things, flour and grocery and bottles of sweets, but it was very rare indeed that we should have a penny to buy them."

 An early
postcard view of
Nantgwyllt Valley

Nantgwyllt Valley c1890The cottage on the left at the bend in the road was the home of "Bennoe's the tailor. He used to keep a cow and a pig. That was the last house above the Caban."

The Caban Coch dam today seals the narrow point of the valley at the centre of the picture, and the valley itself is now Caban Coch reservoir.

  The baptist chapel in the Elan Valley, which lay just below the centre of the submerged dam and viaduct of Careg-ddu on the downstream side, is also described:

Baptist Chapel,

Old postcards
by kind permission of
Radnorshire Museum,
Llandrindod Wells

 "There were Baptist chapel,1890stepping stones to cross the river to the little Baptist’s Chapel, where we used to see the converts being baptised in the river. It made a great impression on me as a child.

....On the end of the Chapel was a little house, where a dear old man used to live by himself. He used to lead the singing in the Chapel, and how my sister and I used to love the evenings there ! Oh ! the memories of it all. It is too sad to think about."  

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