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Rhayader and the Elan Valley
A Parliamentary gazetteer of England & Wales

  This volume was published in 1843, less than a decade after the Pigot's directory, but it is useful to the historian as it gives information deemed of more use to the gentry and professional classes and those in public office, for whom it was designed.  

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extract from gazetteer


extract from gazetteer
  Information about the poor rates (the money collected from prperty owners for caring for the poor) and the new Poor Law Union would have been of crucial interest to the gazetteer's readers. The property owners as a group were of course interested in keeping these payments down. Likewise the value of the Church of England living was of interest because of tithe payments the local population had to make to the church.
  Notice also that Rhayader and New Radnor between them elected an MP althought the population of both together was only around 1200 in 1831.