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Some watermills of the Rhayader area
Caerfagu Mill 2

Iron pit wheel
When the late Professor Tucker visited the mill he recorded that the pit wheel was of iron with wooden teeth and 7ft 6in in diameter, on an 18 inch wooden axle. There were two pairs of grindstones. The cog and pulley for the sack hoists were still in place but the hoist itself was missing.

Photograph of
pit wheel
and wallower in
Caerfagu mill

By kind permission of
Mr Richard Tucker

The map below shows the mill and leat in 1891. Although without its wheel, Professor Tucker found this to be an excellent example of the sort of mill which was once a common sight and a cornerstone of local economic life.

Image based on
First edition
Ordnance Survey
6" map of 1891

County Archives

detail from 1891 6" map