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The Judge's Lodging,Presteigne 3
An award winning attraction

 The kitchen
at the
Judge's Lodging

Rooms for judges,servants and criminals
As work prThe kitchen at Judge's Lodgingogressed on the restoration more and more original household items were found in forgotten corners. There were water cans for filling the bath, plate warmers, coal scuttles, and boarded up fireplaces.
Essential damp proofing and structural repairs were carried out and the authentic external colour scheme restored.
Electrical wiring was replaced with real fires, oil lamps, candles and gas. Gas lighting had been installed in the building in 1860, supplied by the new gas works in Hereford Street.
Individual rooms were painstakingly redecorated, furniture was restored, and new carpets matching the originals were specially made for the building.

 The Judge's
(far right)

Fixtures and fittings which had not survived were replaced where The Judge's bathroompossible from other local sources. The historic Shire Hall was saved and began a new life as a fascinating living museum of 1870's life when it was opened in 1997 as ‘The Judge’s Lodging’.
It is particulary praised for its authenticity and for its lack of labels, rope barriers and ‘Do not touch’ signs. The rooms look as if they are still being used every day by their Victorian occupants, as seen in the recreated kitchen pictured above and the judge's bathroom seen on the right. An audio guide on tape serves as a valuable guide to the rooms which are on show.

The Judge's Lodging
is open daily from
March to October.
Telephone No:
01544 260650

Information and
photographs kindly
provided by
Gabrielle Rivers,
Manager of the
Judge's Lodging

The partsJudge's Lodgings logo of the building which are on display range from the opulent rooms provided for the visiting judges to the spartan working areas used by the staff, police and servants. The grim, dark cells beneath the courtroom which held prisoners awaiting trial can also be entered by the braver visitors. They are authentic except for the dripping dampness and the rats, both of which have been eliminated !
Since its opening the Judge’s Lodging has won several national awards in competition with many well known attractions. The building also now houses an exhibition about Presteigne and the surrounding area of the Marches called ‘Neither Wales nor England’ and the local collection of photographs and interesting exhibits from Presteigne Museum.

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