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People of Presteigne 3
Sir Harford Jones-Brydges (1764-1847)

Public life in Radnorshire
After returning to the Boultibrooke estate from his foreign travels he was an active member of the local gentry, serving as deputy-lieutenant of both Radnorshire (1835) and then Herefordshire (1841).
He was an active whig and a President of the Grey Coat Club, a political association of whig sentiments which dined alternately at Rhayader and Presteigne. His forceful speeches at this club were anti-taxation, anti-tithe and anti-church. He was not afraid of expressing his views in a strident manner and at least one member of the club resigned after being insulted by the baronet.


Photograph of Boultibrooke
by kind permission
of Mrs Cherry

Boultibrooke House 

In 1834 he had a new gallery built at his expense in Norton church but insisted that three rows in the church were reserved for his servants. The following year he and the Grey Coat Club were active in securing a narrow victory for Walter Wilkins (later De Winton) of Maesllwch, the whig candidate for the county, at the election. He died at Boultibrooke in March 1847.

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