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Parliamentary Gazetteer of England
and Wales, 1843: 2

  Neat and respectable houses
The entry for Machynlleth in the Parliamentary Gazetteer of 1843 goes on to give a useful summary of the commercial activities of the town at that date. 

for England
and Wales 1843

Extract from
the entry
for Machynlleth

County Archives

Gazetteer entry of 1843

This picture of the woollen industry is that of an industry still dependant on hand-loom weavers and water power. The fact that the wool had to go over the hills to the Newtown flannel exchange always put Machynlleth at a disadvantage to the other Montgomeryshire flannel towns.

The quote from the Hand-loom Commissioner is a clear indication of the poverty levels among local weavers as well, perhaps, as a measure of their distrust of banks.

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