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Hay, 1764
The people called Quakers

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The licensing of proper places
The records held by the Powys County Archives of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions include an early reference to the licensing by the authorities of premises in and near Hay which may be used for worship by 'Protestant Dissenters'.
The Quakers did not attract as much support in Hay as elsewhere in Wales even in the heyday of nonconformism. The Red Lion inn referred to was in Lion Street, and it is believed that the meetings were held in an outbuilding behind the inn.

Quarter Sessions,
Michaelmas 1764

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract 
  The above entry is from the Order Book of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions of 1764, and it reads:
"Protestant Dissenters
Ordered that the following Houses and Places, known by the name of the red lion in the town of Hay, the Swan, the George Barn in the said Town, likewise the Dwelling House of James Lewis at Bronllys be forthwith licensed as proper places for the People called Quakers to assemble and meet in for Divine Service".