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Hay - Crime and punishment
Six lashes in 1756 

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Crime and punishment 
Flogged for buying stolen goods
The brief entry shown here records the punishment to be inflicted upon a woman from Hay, as decreed during a meeting of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions held in Brecon in 1756.
At that time it was a routine practice for convicted felons, male and female, to be stripped to the waist and whipped on the bare back in public. This was invariably done in a prominent place in town and on market day, when large numbers of people would be able to view the spectacle. A rather harsh early interpretation of justice 'being seen to be done', perhaps.

Quarter Sessions,
Midsummer 1756

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract
  The above is an extract from the Order Book of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions of July 1756, and it reads:
"Hay - It is ordered that Ann Edward convicted at this Session for buying goods knowing that they were stolen, that she be stripped at the Conduit the next Market day and receive six lashes and then to be Discharged". 
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