Extract from the Breconshire Quarter Sessions 1804

"Hundred of Crickhowell

Extract 1804Ordered pursuant to the statute in such case made and provided that the sum of 40 be assessed on the Inhabitants of Llangattock for two privates deficient in the Quota under the Act of the 43d of this present Majesty's cap (82) as admitted by schedule (D) signed by the Lieutenancy of the County, the sum of 40 of the Inhabitants of Llanelly for Two such privates deficient aforesaid, The Inhabitants of Llanguinider the sum of 40 for two such privates deficient as aforesaid the sum of 20 on the Inhabitants of St Michael Cwmdu for one such private deficient as aforesaid the sum of 20 on the Inhabitants of Crickhowell for one such other private -- and the sum of 20 on the Inhabitants of Llanbeder and Calwihow [?] for one other such Private deficient as aforesaid. "

In 1804 Britain was again involved in a protracted war with France - the third in a quarter of a century. With regular troops and ships serving around the globe and the threat of invasion very real, the Lords Lieutenant and their Deputies in each county were anxious to maintain a strong militia for home defence and as a safeguard against a perceived threat of revolution at home. This entry from the Quarter Sessions seems to be allotting financial penalties to parishes in the Hundred of Crickhowell for failing to meet their quotas of recruits to the county militia.

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