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The dramatic setting of Crickhowell which attracted the gentry to establish their parks and mansions, also attracted visitors. From the eighteenth century on a thriving business in publishing etchings of the town, mansions, antiquities and fine vistas developed. These offer us a view of the landscape in the years before the development of photography from the point of view of those who enjoyed it rather than worked in it. Included in contrast are a few Victorian and early 20th century photographs taken with smaller cameras of the kind that were becoming increasingly available to those of a lower income.

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Crickhowell Castle - 1839

Crickhowell Castle - 1760


Crickhowell - T.Williams

Crickhowell - Early 19th Century

Crickhowell - Jukes - 1795

Crickhowell Castle - Samuel &Nathaniel Buck - 1741

Llangattock Church - Early 19th Century

Crickhowell Church - Early 19th Century

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