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Care of the poor
Hard labour for vagrants

  Rogues and vagrants
There are many documents among the Quarter Sessions records for the old counties of Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire and Breconshire which serve as reminders of the harsh treatment that was once meted out to those who were thought to be unwilling to earn an honest living.
The extract below is fairly typical of the records concerning such "rogues and vagrants".

Quarter Sessions
Michaelmas 1784

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract

The extract shown above, from the Order Book of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions, reads as follows:
"County- Ordered that Thomas Parls and Ann Parls who being examined at this adjournment and proving to be Rogues and Vagrants be Confined to the House of Correction to Hard Labour 'till the next Quarter Sessions then to be further Examined."

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