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Workhouses 4
Punishment for paupers


Idle and Disorderly Persons
The workhouse regulations of 1882 also set out the punishments applicable to paupers who did not adhere to the strict rules of such establishments.This part of the official notice reads as follows:

Punishment for Offences.
"The Pauper Inmates Discharge and Regulation Act provides that -
Any Pauper who (1) Absconds or escapes from or leaves any Casual Ward before he is entitled to discharge himself therefrom; or (2) Refuses to be removed to Workhouse regulationsany Workhouse or Asylum under the provisions of this Act; or (3) Absconds or escapes from or leaves any Workhouse or Asylum during the period for which he may be detained therein; or (4) Refuses or neglects, whilst an inmate of any Casual Ward, Workhouse, or Asylum, to do the work or observe the regulations prescribed, or (5) Wilfully gives a false name or makes a false statement for the purpose of obtaining relief, shall be Deemed an Idle and Disorderly Person within the meaning of Section 3 of the fifth George the Fourth, chapter eighty-three.
And every Pauper who (1) Commits any of the offences before-mentioned after having been previously convicted as an idle and disorderly person; or (2) Wilfully destroys or injures his own clothes or damages any of the property of the Guardians, shall be deemed a Rogue and Vagabond within the meaning of Section 4 of the same Act.
An Idle and Disorderly Person may on conviction be sentenced to One Month's Imprisonment with hard labour.
A Rogue and Vagabond on conviction may be sentenced to Three Month's Imprisonment with hard labour."

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