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Crime and punishment
The pillory for a cheat

  Making punishment fit the crime ?
An unusual entry from the Quarter Sessions is shown below, which records that Daniel James was jailed for a year for, presumably, using tricks to make money from gullible spectators - a type of fraud by no means unknown today !
It is also of interest in mentioning the use of the pillory, which could be regarded as an appropriate punishment for someone who sought to make fools of the people in the street.

Quarter Sessions
Easter 1789

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract
  The above extract, from the Order Book of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions, reads as follows:
"Ordered that Daniel James who was Convicted at this Quarter Sessions for pretending to use and exercise Conjuration, be confined in the County Gaol for Twelve Calendar Months and that within that Time he stand openly on the Pillory for one Hour in the Town of Brecon before the Shire Hall on the last Saturday in every Quarter of the said year being four Times and that he be then discharged."