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Prison escapes 2
Recapture, and another escape !

  More problems for the gaoler
The entry below from the Quarter Sessions records shows that the female prisoner of the previous page, who had escaped from Brecon Gaol, was later recaptured.
The gaoler's "additional sallary", however, was still at risk because of the escape of yet another prisoner.

Quarter Sessions
Epiphany 1760

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract

This extract, from the Order Book of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions, reads as follows:
"Ordered that the Sum of five Pounds be paid by the County Treasurer to the Goaler (Gaoler) of the said County It being at a former Quarter Sessions ordered not to be paid him for having suffered one Elizabeth Thomas  to Escape out of the said Goal, but he having retaken her now it is ordered to be paid him.
Ordered that the five Pounds additional Sallary allowed the Goaler be struck off till he retakes William Hill a prisoner committed to his Custody for Horse stealing unless cause shewn to the Contrary the next Quarter Sessions."

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