Bastardy 2
Punishing the father

  Begetting a bastard child
Perhaps the example shown here, from the Breconshire Quarter Sessions of 1767, may be regarded as partially redressing the inequalities of justice between the treatment meted out to the mother and father of illegitimate children in these times.
As shown on the previous page, such mothers often suffered very severe punishment, but the concern of parish authorities to discourage potential extra demands on the local poor rate meant that the fathers were wherever possible pursued as well.

Quarter Sessions
Easter 1767

County Archives

Quarter Sessions entry

 This extract, from the Order Book of the Quarter Sessions, reads as follows:
"John Jones surrendering himself in discharge of his Bail for begetting a Bastard Child on the Body of Mary Davies which is likely to become chargeable to the Parish of Crickadarn in this County It is Ordered that he be committed into the Custody of the Keeper of the County Goal." (Early spelling of gaol).

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